Hi it's me

John Cooney


  • CEO at Armor Games

  • Handmaking new games at Wonderful Elephant

  • Previously Business Development at Kongregate

  • Also creator of a hundred+ Flash games, with total plays into the billions

  • Award-winning animator, photographer, creator of interactive exhibits

Starting as a hobbyist I tinkered with game development tools I didn't understand until I became known for a wobbly elephant Flash game called Achievement Unlocked. Since 2002 I've self-published games, led studio development, created new indie publishing programs, and now I'm leading our team at Armor Games. I'm working on side projects through my new label, Wonderful Elephant.

Looking for my Flash Games? Some of them work through local Flash emulation by these portals: Armor Games, Kongregate, or Newgrounds

The Flash Games Postmortem
GDC 2017

Game Developer of the Year

14-time Game of the Month winner
2008 - Present

Environmental Award
Media That Matters Film Festival


If you prefer email you can also reach out at jmtb02 @ gmail dot com